Question: I hear you are a members club is this true?

Answer: This is true.  In order to keep everyone as safe as possible we are required to be a members club.  This allows us to follow driver history and ensure dangerous drivers are flagged with a penalty or banned from the track.  it also allows us to reward regular drivers with special events and prizes!  To become a member you must sign our waiver and agree to our member rules.  Drivers in the RACE karts are also required to show a drivers license.  An annual membership is $5.90 and includes a FREE RACE on your birthday (ID required as proof of birthday)

Question: Are there any age or height restrictions on racing?

Answer: Yes.  ALL drivers must be 4'10 (58 inches or taller).  We do NOT recommend this activity for drivers under 12 years of age.   Sprint Kart drivers must have parental permission if they are under 16 years of age  and youth waiver.  Race Kart drivers must be EITHER: 16 years of age with a driver's license OR be 18 years of age or older with a $100 damage deposit (government issued photo age identification IS REQUIRED).

Question: Is there a maximum height or weight for drivers?

Answer: Speedworld does not instil a limit on the weight of drivers. However, male drivers who have a waist measurement of over 44" and female drivers with hips wider than 46"(size 16) may not be comfortable/capable fitting into the seat of the kart.  Due to the restricted power of our 40kph SPRINT karts we do not recommend drivers be over 250lbs.  Youth drivers over 250 pounds should that do not yet qualify for racing at 50kph will NOT be an exception.

Question: If my driver's licence is expired or invalid may I still use this for racing in the Race Karts?

Answer: Yes!  Provided it is the newer issue of the Manitoba License that has a photo and all your pertinent information listed on it (the "green" license)

Question: Do you have any double karts or can a friend/child ride with me?

Answer: NO!  We do not have any double karts and lap riding is strictly prohibited!

Question: Do Race Karts compete together in the same race as the Sprint Karts?

Answer: Occasionally.  This is at the discretion of the staff on duty.  If all drivers are adults, this is not a problem.  We will also allow families to blend karts (for example: dad wants a Race Kart but the kids are only old enough for Sprint Karts).  Staff will not compromise the safety of youth drivers.

Question: Why do we need to have a safety briefing and sign waiver forms?

Answer: ANY track worth their salt will have all drivers sign a waiver form from a reputable insurance agency.  If you are not signing a waiver - the track does not care about your well-being and is not insured if something should happen to you or your child.  Being insured by a reputable company is very expensive but it also ensures that the facility you are racing at has taken all the measures necessary to provide a safe environment.  All drivers receive a full verbal safety briefing on their first visit to advise them of the track rules, signals, safety and basic driving technique.  Drivers will do their first lap at a reduced speed on their first race each visit (races will be extended by 1 race).  We do this in accordance with our insurance agreement.

Question: How fast do the karts go?

Answer: The maximum operating speed can be set to either 40 km/hr (Sprint Kart speed) or 50 km/hr (Race Kart speed).  FYI - most tracks "claim" that their karts go as fast as ours but in reality never reach those speeds on their tracks!  At Speedworld drivers actually CAN reach speeds as advertised in our building!

Question:  How safe is it?

Answer: At Speedworld we have gone above and beyond with our safety features including a strict set of rules that MUST be followed by all drivers.  However, as in any motorsport there is always a risk of injury and ultimately a large portion of the responsibility for safety remains with the driver.

Question: How does Speedworld ventilate the exhaust from the karts?

Answer: Speedworld has a professionally engineered air quality system with delicate sensors located throughout the building which will sound an alarm if the air quality is compromised.  MB Workplace Health and Safety has deemed it safe for an adult to be exposed to air on our track for up to 8 straight hours (CO levels average less than 25ppm).  For more information on our safety measures visit our track safety features page.  Some drivers occasionally experience dizziness or nausea after racing which can be attributed to motion sickness.

Question: Do I need to have a reservation to come racing?

Answer: No.  Reservations are not required but are recommended for groups of 7 or more drivers.  Some days are busier than others and we do recommend a call in advance to confirm there are no track rentals in effect. (note that even with track rentals - the wait will not usually exceed 45 minutes)

Question: Can I make a reservation for a group to race at Speedworld?

Answer: Yes!  Reservations are on a first come-first served basis.  48 hours cancellation notice is required.  To make a reservation contact us today.  Please note that 48 hours notice is required (minimum) to book.  Deadline for weekend reservations is midnight Thursday!

Question: Can I rent the track by the hour for exclusive use?

Answer: Yes, but this is generally not required.  The general cost for exclusive rental of the facility ranges from $840-$1,560 per hour - depending on the number of karts reserved.  We only suggest this for large corporate gatherings of 21+ drivers.

Question: Will I be racing with other drivers on the track?

Answer: Maybe.  We do not require drivers to wait for other drivers to complete the race heat so if you and some friends arrive and are the only ones here we will start your racing.  If there are others waiting to race there will be a maxiumum of 12 Karts on the track at once.  Groups of 10 drivers may request that no "walk-in" drivers added to their race.

Question: What is the difference between a track RENTAL and a track RESERVATION?

Answer:  A track RENTAL closes the facility to others.  There will be no other drivers at the track during your rental.  A track RESERVATION ensures that your group be scheduled for your reserved number of races (generally 4 races) for the confirmed number of drivers.   If your group is 10 drivers you will be the only drivers participating in the race but other races may be permitted to compete between your heats.  With fewer then 10 drivers Speedworld reserves the right to add arrive and drive participants to your race.  Most drivers choose to make a reservation.

Question: Do you have a room to celebrate a party or wind-up?

Answer: Yes, we have a room on our upper level with seating for 26 people comfortably (max 30).

Question: Do you serve food/beverages?  Is alcohol permitted?

Answer: We do not prepare any food onsite but you are welcome to use our private room if you would like to cater your event.  A variety of cold drinks and snacks are avaialble.  Alcohol is NOT permitted anywhere on the premises and driver's under the influence will not be permitted to particpate in racing.

Question: Can drivers wear their own helmet?

Answer: Yes.  You may wear your own helmet provided it is DOT approved and FULL FACED.  Motorcross style helmets are also acceptable (goggles recommended).  Sports helmets, open faced helmets and bike helmets are NOT acceptable.

Question:  What should I bring/wear to go racing?

Answer: You should bring your driver's license (or waiver forms if you are under 16 years of age).  Loose hair should be tied up, closed toe shoes must be worn (running shoes are best) and long pants or jeans should also be worn.

Question: Which kart is the fastest kart?

Answer:  Unlike many concession style tracks, at Speedworld we take performance of our karts seriously.  Race karts receive a daily general maintenance and are tested for performance weekly to ensure there is no more than a 2% (about .5 second) difference in laptimes from the quickest to the slowest kart!  The "fastest" kart is the one which is driven by the best driver. 

Question: What makes your karts different from karts at other go-kart tracks in Winnipeg?

Answer: Our manufacturers are known for their high standard of quality and emphasis on kart performance. Only top-quality, lightweight materials are used in their production making them vastly lighter then many other brands of recreational kart (the majority of karts used for recreation/rental weigh upwards of 600lbs. Speedworld karts weigh about 300lbs...including engines!).  Also unlike any other track we pride ourselves in having not only the best and quickest karts but also karts that are EQUAL in performance. 

Question: Do you rent out the facility for driver owned karts, pocket bikes, mini-bikes, RC car or any other motor sport?

Answer: All activities at Speedworld must be approved by our insurance company. Groups with serious interest should enquire with their insurer of the legalities and requirements of running their machines in an indoor facility. Speedworld will not be responsible for any additional insurance charges or requirements. Speedworld will only grant rentals once the activity has been approved by our insurer.

Question: Does Speedworld make donations to charitable events, fundraisers or wedding socials?

Answer: Speedworld proudly supports many registered charities in Manitoba.  We do not make donations to individuals for wedding socials etc.


575 C Berry Street. Winnipeg, Mb R3H 0S2

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