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We are excited to have Simul8Racing as a pop-up guest while they prepare their new facility!  The pop-up includes 4 racing simulators with two non-motion and two DBox Gen 5 motion sims!  These SIMS feature some fo the best advanced racing simulator equipment, and an amazing and imersive experience for both novice and experienced sim racers!  

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What should I wear?  Do I need to wear gloves and a helmet?

Bring clean indoor shoes, or you will be required to race in socks.  We recommend wearing comfortable cool clothing such as a T-shirt and pants or jeans. Racing is strenuous and people can work up a sweat!  Although helmets are not required, we do require clean gloves if using the GT wheel (we have cotton gloves we will provide if you do not have your own)

Is there an age or height restriction?

Yes, all drivers must be a minimum age of 14, and a minimum height of 5 feet tall as per manufacturer's recommendation.

Is there a weight limit?

No, unlike some other motion platforms, the FIA approved DBOX GEN 5 does NOT have a weight restriction.  The seats, and the wheelbase are adjustable and fit most drivers.

Do I need to show ID or a driver's license?

Yes, drivers are required to show a piece of PHOTO identification to use this equipment. Minors must be accompanied by an adult with identification.

Is it dangerous?  Is there a waiver that I need to sign before Sim Racing?

Yes, there is a waiver that needs to be signed before operating a simulator. Although the risk of injury is low if a driver follows instructions, the Simucube 2 PRO wheelbase provides up to 20nm of force feedback which can cause injuries.

How many SIM units can run at the same time?  Can I race against my friend(s)?

We currently have 4 simulators; two are equipped with DBox Haptic motion, and two are stationary (if you are prone to motion sickness you may prefer a stationary simulator)

How many cars and tracks are available?

The list of cars and tracks is always evolving!  Currently we have almost 50 tracks and almost 200 different cars available with an advanced 50-minute session.  For regular sessions (20 and 50 minutes) we have carefully selected 5 tracks and 6 different cars to choose from.  We HIGHLY recommend starting with a car that is easy to get around the track - if you go off track your time is disqualified. Work your way up!

What games are available?

We are currently running Asseto Corsa, but are considering all of the options as we continue to evolve!

Can I log into my own iRacing or other gaming account?

Not yet... bust we are strongly considering allowing guests to log into their own steam accounts in the future.

Do you have VR? Do your SIMS cause motion sickness?

No, we are not running VR on our sims.  All of our Sims have triple 32" Samsung Odyssey curved gaming monitors.

Do you offer group events or race events in addition to hotlapping?

We will!  We currently only offer hotlapping events, which are SO fun!  

Do I get race results? 

YES!  You will get an email with your race results and telemetry after your event (when email is provided).  There are also lap and car records and we have a TRACK OF THE MONTH where the fastest drivers in the selected car will be eligible for end of month prizes!


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