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Online Bookings

Please read the following Terms and Conditions and driver requirements CAREFULLY before you complete your booking.  Bookings are NON REFUNDABLE.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

  • All events must be booked and paid in full online with a valid credit card via the secure portal

  • NO modifications allowed (if you book for 10 drivers and only 9 attend, a refund/credit will not be issued)

  • All bookings and payment are NON REFUNDABLE and can ONLY BE RESCHEDULED WITH MINIMUM 24 HRS NOTICE  You can reschedule by following instructions in your CONFIRMATION email!  Bookings may be rescheduled MAX 2 TIMES and re-bookings must be within 90 days


  • ALL guests must arrive at the facility 20-minutes prior to their scheduled race time to complete their registration

  • If you arrive late and miss your scheduled race time, we can not guarantee that another race will be available and NO REFUND or credit will be given for the missed race

  • When selecting a Race, ensure you meet the driver requirements.  If you purchase races for a speed you are not eligible for, a refund will not be given and another race may not be available.

  • A valid Speedworld Annual Membership is required to race.  If you do not select this option upon booking, you will be required to purchase one onsite before you race

  • With the exception of "exclusive race" events, races will have up to 10 drivers and you will be racing with other guests on the track

  • Youth are required to have a youth waiver completed 

  • Adults (18+), and all RACE KART drivers are required to have a government issued piece of ID to verify their identity for the waiver form



  • Minimum Height 4'10 (148cm), and

  • Minimum age 12+

  • Youth must have a youth waiver completed by their legal guardian either onsite or online in advance.  Speedworld reserves the right to contact the guardian to check the validity of the waiver


  • Minimum Height 4'10 (148 cm) and

  • Minimum age 16+ WITH a Canada/USA driver's license

  • Driver's who do not have a driver's license issued in Canada or the USA must be 18 years of age or older with government issued identification and will be required to submit a $100 damage deposit prior to racing

Speedworld reserves the right to REDUCE a driver's speed if they are unable to operate the 50 kph speed safely or are not adhering to the track rules.  Driver's who break rules or are unsafe at 40 kph will be removed from the race WITHOUT refund

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