Group Event

Minimum 7 Drivers Required

Race against your guests only




Get together the 7 - 10 best drivers you know to challenge each other to a race that will not only test their skill.. but also their perseverance and endurance!  

Drivers start with a 5 minute qualifier race where the grid will be determined for the start of a 30  minute white knuckle race!  NO pit stops!  Can you handle it?

$70 per driver

20% off Monday to Thursday




Grand Prix Tournaments is the most popular option for groups of 7-20 drivers. 

All drivers participate in three exciting races!

5 minute warm up race 

Practice and learn the track

5 minute qualifier

Drivers use the techniques they developed in the warm up in an to secure POLE position!

10 minute FEATURE race

This one is for all the beans! Will you stand on the top of the podium?

$55 per driver


20% off Monday to Thursday 




Lemans Team Building races are perfect for those large parties with a variety of skill levels!  Drivers are organized into 7 to 10 different teams.  Like the classic Lemans race, these teams compete against each other over the course of a race that spans 45 minutes to 2 hours!  No single driver could do it alone, so the team must work together and share race tips while ensuring they have quick and safe team member swaps in this relay style of race!

*UNAVAILABLE due to COVID restrictions and cleaning protocols required