Adult Members

Qualifications for RACE karts 

Drivers must be over the age of 16 years of age & hold a North American driver's license. *drivers over the age of 18 may also race in the RACE karts without a drivers license. However, photo ID and a $100 deposit will be required without a drivers license.

Speedworld was conceived as a year-round facility to provide an adrenaline filled experience, and we think we nailed it! We have three speeds of karts: Sprint, Race and Pro. The Race karts are for members with a North American drivers licence and will not disappoint adrenaline junkies.Race Karts provide a real racing experience and our sophisticated timing system will e-mail every driver detailed results from their race*. Members must provide a valid e-mail address and check the box that they would like to receive their results through e-mail.

Qualifications for PRO karts

Drivers must be over the age of 18 years of age, qualify for Race karts, have no warnings on their account AND have over 1800 ProSkill Driver points.


Pro Karts are similar to our Race Karts but the frames are more flexible to provide improved handling and Pro Karts are 150 lbs lighter than Race Karts to provide better acceleration.  Pro Karts are only available to members who have earned 1800 Pro Points and who have no warnings on their account. Pro Points are earned through getting good race results and staying out of trouble. There is no extra charge for Pro Karts and races are always 10 laps. Pro Karts only compete with other Pro Karts.


575 C Berry Street. Winnipeg, Mb R3H 0S2

Tel: 204-774-KART (5278)



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